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Weddings ~ Parties ~ Babyshowers ~ Graduations ~ Sports ~ Reunions ~ Head Shots ~ Portfolios ~ Portraits ~ Corporate ~Aerial Photos & Video and  yes


 Funerals too!


Like weddings, funerals bring family members and friends together from far away. Capturing the people, their emotions, the speeches and eulogies will leave a lasting legacy of the departed for the entire family. Furthermore making a respectfully captured, unobtrusive video of the ceremony available to those who were unable to attend provides a valuable service. Memorial videos to be shown at the ceremony are another way to help a family pay their respects.


Every family has a history worth documenting. How many times has a family lost an elder member and thought how much they wish they had somehow preserved their stories? Was your parent or grandparent a war veteran, perhaps a POW? Who do you know that was in New York on 9/11? Or, maybe Grandma has a hilarious story about a great aunt that just needs to be recorded for future generations. All these people have unique perspectives on events, and maybe you will be the one to bring them to the world



Owner of Digital DVD Designs Mr. Johnson, better known to the photographic industry as Yaz was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles. After shooting various events in and around town, his love for photography grew. With his study of the art along with encouragement from several friends and many associates one being Jr. Grimes (may he rest in peace) stating: You have a gift, a good eye and concept for art.” Yaz then took his self-taught methods and passion to another level. After taking several lighting and camera classes his style of shooting was becoming appealing as he stood in corners and behind structures to capture that journalistic quality of photos at events. More than often, people would tell him “Where were you when you took that picture of me? I didn’t see you, but I love it though !”. At that point he knew his passion lied in the journalist style of photography. Soon after he took on another type of photography (Glamor and Fashion). He merged his journalistic technique with his now portrait style and created the portrait / journalism style of photos that are now viewed on the world wide web and gracing the pages of Popular magazines.



On your speacial day you want to look and feel your best, having one or more of our professionals can do just that. After a photo shoot you will not just like yourself, but you will love yourself all over again.


We use only professional photographic and video equipment

Just to name some of our tools of the trade!
Cameras : The new Canon 7D's and Canon 5D' s
Lenses : nothing but L lenses if you know what I mean?
Lighting : Travelites 750's and Hensel 500's
with external on location batteries


If your not willing to invest in yourself

why would you expect someone else too



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